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When I started doing the promo for FOX’s show NFL Kickoff, I was shocked.  Amazed that they wanted a female to do the super tease for their football show.  Then they brought me in for USGA Women’s and Seniors Golf.  That was exciting and made sense.  Women’s & Seniors…not mens. I thought ok, it’s really cool that I’m part of the Fox family now.  Awesome.  But there was always one sport I was certain I’d never voice, NASCAR.

I’m happy to be wrong. For all you NASCAR fans out there, I’ll be leading you in and out of Jeff Gordon’s Daytona 500 Kickoff Celebration!  It airs tomorrow night, Sat Feb 20, 9pm ET on FOX.  It may not be the race, but it is a party!  I personally don’t see the appeal of cars repeatedly going around a track anyway, but Cuba Gooding Jr.’s going to be there.  So tune in!  I know, because I said it.


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On February 19, 2016
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