The new voice for Fox Sports NFL Kickoff!

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In voiceover women are told over and over that there just isn’t as much work for us as our male counterparts. This is quite true, but even more so when it comes to Promo. You know, the voices telling you what’s coming up on your favorite TV drama, or what adventures Dora will have next week, or which sports teams are going head to head on Monday Night Football?

I’m excited to say that I’ve been able to make a little dent in that male dominated genre. Fox Sports has predominantly had men doing the Promos leading up to Sunday football. This season? You get to hear me 🙂 I feel a little bit like Lake Bell in the movie In A World!  This is crazy!  So from now on, every Sunday, when you turn on the Fox Sports NFL Kickoff, take a closer listen to who’s leading you into the show.

And for those of you who don’t know me, I freaking LOVE football season.  This is a dream come true!  GO BOLTS!

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On October 22, 2015
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One Response to The new voice for Fox Sports NFL Kickoff!

  1. Kristin H. says:

    This is beyond AMAZING! Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear your weekly updates!

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