CMU Drama 100 years old

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Last night was the LA celebration for the Centennial year of Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.  Faculty, current seniors, alumni from all the years, and friends/spouses/significant others met up on stage 28 at Universal Studios to party and catch up. It was a rare gathering of such talented and accomplished people and yet every single person belonged.  We have all gone through the same rigorous and demanding program and therefore understand how hard every single person there has worked to get where they are today.  We had a chance to thank our teachers and to show them that we have remembered all the lessons we were taught. We reconnected with old friends and shared the secrets of navigating LA.  Here’s to you CMU Drama, for truly churning out the best of the best.  Not only talented but all around great people.  For more photos of the celebration including the parties in Pittsburgh and New York, check out the CMU School of Drama website!

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On May 9, 2014

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  1. When you’re the oldest degree-granting drama school in the country, you’ve earned the right to be exclusive. This year, the drama school will count 100 candles on its birthday cake. Its crowning achievement? The thousands of alumni working in every aspect of the industry, and the nearly 150 Oscars, Tonys, and Emmys among them.

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